About Us

Hello. Welcome to Thinker Linux. So glad to you’re here!

Hey; I’m Prafulla Sagavekar; a Blog writer & some motivational thought maker, I hope that you want to achieve what you want to achieve in your life. To make a good career in Linux, this website is one of the smallest help from me.

Our Story

So, I made a website for studying “Linux” in simple way with “Linux” related good articles. In November 2018, I started this website. I like giving my knowledge to others, it brings happiness. Then I decided to make my own website and I created my website for “Linux”. “Thinker Linux” can learn how to program Linux successfully; Started writing articles about it. I’m trying to simplify how to practice Linux. I am trying to give useful tools for studying Linux. How well do you have Linux? And how rewarding is it? That’s what I said. With Linux, you can start your new career, and you can accomplish much with the help of Linux in your life; I think so!

Our mission

Like Linux, secure, free and easy-to-use operating system should be known to all the people in the world and Linux should be linked to them!


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