What is Linux? Introduction of Linux

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We going to learn what is Linux?


Linux is an Operating System (OS) which is free of cost and Open Source Operating System (OS) built with the Linux Kernel. Linux is well knows as Desktop operating System (OS) and server use as well. Linux Operating System (OS) is based on Linux Kernel, Linux Operating System (OS) released on “17th Sep. 1991” developed by “Linus Torvalds“. Linux Operating System (OS) is based on UNIX, Users can customize and make variations of the source code, known as distributions, for computer systems and other devices.

Linux Operating System (OS) is same as other Operating System (OS) like Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. software’s which is manages hardware with your desktop or laptop. Linux Operating System (OS) mostly using for on servers and others mega systems like mainframe computers, & this only OS supercomputers. Few of the Linux distributors are Linux Mint, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Arch Linux all together with enterprise distribution like Red Hat Enterprises Linux and Linux Enterprise Server [SUSE]. Those are provided by GNU project – is a free software & mass collaboration project; GNU packages consist of OS utilities and tools like shell.

Powerful OS, Secure-Linux & Flexibility in Linux OS

Linux can formed in two different part of formed.

  • It consist of technical aspects which differentiate with other operating systems. in that, and other things. Linux operating system reduced virus attach risk & antivirus need to be used by specialist.
  • Linux operating system you can customise and modified as per your own, if you know how to do this. Linux provide flexibility in this operating system.
  • windows is limited in a single UI (User Interface), In Linux you can choose multiple options of UI (User Interface).
  • You can use Linux operating system on old and slow hardware as well as Super-Computer and new hardware also. (Note- World’s 90% Super-Computers are running on various Linux Operating System)
  • Linux has a strong encryption, design with security its provides advance features of standard.

Linux OS included some of parts

  • Bootloader
  • Kernal
  • Daemons
  • Shell
  • Graphical Server
  • Desktop Environment
  • Applications

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