RHCT (Red Hat Linux Certification Training) Skills

RHCT (Red Hat Linux Certification Training) Skills

 Troubleshooting and System Maintenance

RHCTs should be able to:
  • Boot systems into different run levels for troubleshooting and system maintenance
  • Diagnose and correct misconfigured networking
  • Diagnose and correct hostname resolution problems
  • Configure the X Window System and a desktop environment
  • Add new partitions, file systems, and swap to existing systems
  • Use standard command-line tools to analyses problems and configure system

Installation And Configuration:

  • RHCT must be able to:
  • Perform network OS installation
  • Implement a custom partitioning scheme
  • Configure printing
  • Configure the scheduling of task using cron and at
  • Attach system to a network directory service, such as NIS or LDAP
  • Configure autofs
  • Add and manage users, groups, quotas, and file Access Control Lists
  • Configure file system permissions for collaboration
  • Install and update package using rpm
  • Properly update the kernel package
  • Configure the system to update/install package from remote repositories using yum or pup
  • Modify the system boot loader
  • Implement software RAID at install-time and run-time
  • Use /proc/sys and sysctl to modify and set kernel run-time parameters
  • Use scripting to automate system maintenance tasks

Configure NTP for time synchronization with a higher-stratum server.


-P. M. Sagavekar

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